Our team created a warm and inviting brand that echoed Ngwala Willumbong’s purpose to uplift the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. All brand elements for Ngwala were developed by our team including the logo and visual identity, right through to the website.

Drawing inspiration from the organisation’s name, which translates to ‘dry place,’ our logo design features concentric circles that symbolise gathering spaces. The focal point, represented as a body of water, serves as a contrast to Ngwala’s literal meaning. However, it also embodies the organisation’s essence as a sanctuary for renewal, transformation and healing, symbolised by shades of blue.

The Ngwala website was meticulously crafted to provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders, including members of the Indigenous community who are seeking its services. By intertwining aesthetics with functionality, the website serves as a digital embodiment of Ngwala’s commitment to community empowerment and well-being.

The final stage of this project was to develop a social media strategy to amplify Ngwala Willumbong’s digital presence. By leveraging social media channels effectively, we aimed to enhance visibility, foster community connections and publish valuable resources and information to both stakeholders and the broader Indigenous community.